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Our Location

10th Floor, Western House, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.


Golden Ikezu
President, GCF Academy
"The speed at which Microbold translated our dream to reality is totally mind-blowing."

Aliza Sherman
Analyst & Internet Pioneer
"Microbold's Engage brings the best of business productivity tools into one dashboard."

Henry Ibekwe
MD, Sommy Ads
"Microbold remains the best choice for web design any time and any day."

Our Reputation

Our Platforms

Our ventures in the Cloud includes, mobile apps, web services, AI and IoT technology.

We develop mobile applications in Android, iOS, Tizen and Hybrid platforms.

We design very intuitive and user-friendly applications for both Windows and Windows 8 devices.

Microbold Idea Center
Here, through innovation we provide amazing solutions for business, lifestyle and family

At Microbold, we provide company-informed business solutions for SME's and large scale enterprises.
We also offer an extensively innovative approach towards providing technology solutions for business, education, family and even technology enthusiast. Our solutions include web development, applications development (top platforms including android, iOS and windows), custom branding, media logistics, Educational Software solutions and Business Software solutions.

Company Profile

Microbold operates at the core of innovation and creativity efficiently. This is why;

What We Do

Microbold offers innovative cloud-based solutions in the areas of business, education, family and life style. We also provide industry-informed web technology solutions to businesses and organisations of any scale and size.

What We Believe

We focus on customer needs. We favour both aesthetic design and amazing functionality. We believe in transparency in business. We always push for a multi-purpose system. Knowledge should be shared.

Our Culture

We favour ability to learn over experience. We see people as valuable assets. We welcome every language and field of study. Pursue *personal interest and still do important stuff. Open culture, everyone contributes.

Our Approach

Microbold is an innovation-driven company. All our projects are tackled with a redefined sense of both creativity in design and ingenuity in functionality. Our added services are the best anywhere.

Industries Served

We have provided our ever-evolving range of solutions to companies in various fields of endeavour such as Engineering, Oil and Gas, Advertising, Not-For-Profit Organisations, Publishing Firms, and Religious Organisations

Success Rating

We are rated among the top fifty startups providing technology solutions since early March 2014 by SIGNL. We've worked on projects involving Business Intelligence, Cloud technology, Speech Synthesis amongst others.

Our Clients (Portfolio)

We have offered our solutions to businesses in various industries including these fine companies.

Petac Engineering Ltd.


Sommy Adverts Ltd.


GC Football Academy


The HOT Church

Religious Organisation

Paragon Books




Unifield Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Majestic Code

Tech Freelancing

Petac Engineering Ltd.

PETAC ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED is a contracting organization established to offer high Standard Professional Services to the growing construction industry in Nigeria. The company is a full - service design, procurement, construction and project management organization. The firm has the ability to provide clients with a complete range of service including planning, technical studies, engineering design, purchasing as well as construction and project management.

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Sommy Adverts Ltd.

Sommy ads is a multi-faceted advertisement platform that provides individuals, businesses and organisations the opportunity to target a wide range of prospective clients and already established customers in order to effectively disseminate messages based on their interests, tastes and current status. This service runs on platforms such as televisions, radio, social media and newspapers thereby making it the fastest and most convenient way to advertise..

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Golden-Child Football Academy

The Golden-Child football academy is a development project aimed at building a future for African children through sport and education and to create an opportunity for them in their own environment which enables a brighter and independent life free from poverty, crime and illegality. The foundation creates a conducive and fair play atmosphere for children and youths in Africa which promotes the charity begins at home mentality, fights against age cheat in sport and discourages the travel abroad by all means syndrome.

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The HOT Church

Every family on Earth has a tradition from which it is drawn, a foundation upon which it was established and law to which it is bound. Join This Family; THE HOUSE OF TRANSFORMATION, a place dedicated to transforming teenagers through the Bible; the ONLY word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. We implore you to fellowship with us and share in this experience of God's amazing Grace..

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Paragon Books

Paragon books is run by Chibuike G. Ezenwa an Engineer, Author, Public Speaker, and coach. He is also a dynamic, result-oriented Strategist and Marketing Communicator. He is Responsive to challenges and responsibilities. An advocate of hard work, dedication, staying power, healthy self-esteem, and optimism. He is the CEO, Paragon Books Nigeria and uses this platform to share his thoughts and opinions about life through publications ranging from novels, poems, dramas and the likes..

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Welcome to the School of Ambassadorial Ethics! This portal is designed to serve as a guide and to show registration procedures to CASORITES who are willing to serve as ambassadors. The portal involves a registeration page, account login page, pin validation procedures and account management panel.

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Unifield Oil and Gas

Unifield Oil and Gas is an indigenous Mid-stream Oil and Gas company in Nigeria that facilitates all facets of Crude extraction, distribution and maintenance amongst other remarkable endeavours.

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Majestic Code

Majesticode is open source project with MIT licensing model. It provides tools for developing a successful website, web app, and any web interface design . This set of styles was developed as a self-contained solution. It contains Aesthetic Image/Icons Pack Images / icons designed in (PNG) to fit into multiple and varying background images/colors. Also save yourself the stress of coding because our generator automatically creates html element with the full elements of beauty, functionality and responsiveness.

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