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Our Commitment

To provide Business, Education, Family, Health and Lifestyle Solutions you can trust


Aliza Sherman
Analyst & Internet Pioneer
"Microbold's Engage brings the best of business productivity tools into one dashboard."

Henry Ibekwe
MD, Sommy Ads
"Microbold remains the best choice for web design any time and any day."

Golden Ikezu
President, GCF Academy
"The speed at which Microbold translated our dream to reality is totally mind-blowing."

Our Reputation

Our Platforms

Our ventures in the Cloud includes, mobile apps, web services, AI and IoT technology.

We develop mobile applications in Android, iOS, Tizen and Hybrid platforms.

We design very intuitive and user-friendly applications for both Windows and Windows 8 devices.

Microbold Idea Center
Here, through innovation we provide amazing solutions for business, lifestyle and family


Microbold provides innovative industry-informed technology solutions in these forms


We have created the finest apps in Education, Business and Entertainment.

At Microbold, we provide company-informed business solutions for SME's and large scale enterprises.
We also offer an extensively innovative approach towards providing technology solutions for business, education, family and even technology enthusiast. Our solutions include web development, applications development (top platforms including android, iOS and windows), custom branding, media logistics, Educational Software solutions and Business Software solutions.

Our Services

Microbold provides innovative industry-informed technology solutions in these forms

Software Development

We design very intuitive and user-friendly applications for both PC and Mac users. We are particular about business suites that incorporate speech synthesis and speech recognition technology into its functionality.

Web Development

We design some of the most aesthetic, clutter-free and highly optimized websites. Our designs incorporate the very best of design paradigms and are as peculiar as their individual requirements.

Mobile Apps Development

If you have an amazing idea for a mobile app, our team of developers is your best bet. We develop for every single top mobile platform available, in both generic and hybrid code

Brand Development

We have helped dozens of start-ups move from obscurity to become to some extent, house-hold names in their various endeavours amongst through amazing brand identity development strategies

Media and Graphics

If you are looking to introduce some cool graphics for whatever purposes and in whatever formats, our team of graphic designers are more than capable of bringing your design dreams to reality.

Technology Consultancy

The world of technology is fast paced yet it remains important that we keep up with it as much as possible. We are ever ready to help you out with whatever challenge you might encounter in the world of ICT.

Our Products

We have created the finest apps in Education, Business and Entertainment.


Take your office to the cloud, do more!


Learn something new, Succed!


The best online music experience

Zeal Tablet

1 Device + You, many possibilities


Engage helps you bring Product Development, Team Collaboration tools, File Management tools and Online Website Creation under a single dashboard in the cloud. Engage serves as a Cloud-Based Dashboard for All of Your Business Process and Communications Needs. Engage runs entirely on the cloud, is secure and is collaboration friendly. This gives you assurance of continuity. It also comes with efficient analytic tools to help monitor your progress every step of the way!

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Slatecube allows you learn useful stuff, work with companies on projects, and even get employed to do the things you love! Slatecube is powered by leading schools and organisations. Courses are practical-driven and directed towards solving real-life challenges in their respective fields. Upon completing a Slatecube course, you'll receive a valid statement of completion/proficiency, or even a verified certificate from the institution or organisation as applicable.

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Soundnificient creates an entirely amazing musical experience by bridging the gap between artist and their passionate fans, and provides the tools to make music more beautiful. You can upload sounds of different sorts from intro beats, thrillers, tunes, beats, all the way to a complete musical master piece. Watch your fans' reactions and act accordingly. Soundnificient also allow developers import sounds and full songs to their websites and mobile apps where applicable.

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Zeal Tablet

The Microbold Zeal Tablet gives anyone the power to creatively and effectively utilize the best of technology to harness their potentials to its maximum. Designed with a quad-core processor, capacitive touch and limited dependency on hardware, the zeal tab plays out as both a smart, precise and beautiful device to own. We believe the tablet should be an extension of ourselves. That's why the Zeal Tablet is the ONLY device that ships with all of the things you truly NEED for work, play, family and everything in between!

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