1 Device + You
Many Possibilities!

We believe the tablet should be an extension of ourselves. That's why the Zeal Tablet is the ONLY device that ships with all of the things you truely NEED for work, play, family and everything in between!

Zero Apps. Just Solutions

Nobody needs apps. We just want solutions to everyday challenges. If that's your need then the Zeal tab pops out as the right choice.

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For Everyone

The Microbold Zeal Tablet gives anyone the power to creatively and effectively utilize the best of technology to harness their potentials to its maximum.

With an exclusively innovative approach to functionality, the Zeal tab is the right tool for everyone.

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Smart. Beautiful. Precise.

Designed with a quad-core processor, capacitive touch and limited dependency on hardware, the zeal tab plays out as both a smart, precise and beautiful device to own.

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